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Welcome to my tiny tribute to that Black-clad Babe of the night!

This site was created October 13, 1997 on Geocities.

Resurrected here January 2002


The webpage you are about to visit has been reconstructed from bits and pieces that I dug around and found on my computer and on disks due to the original site being deleted off of Yahoo-Geocities. The story goes this way, I used to draw pictures of Elvira on my Amiga computer based on photos I had from calendars and from the web. My images were hand drawn by me on a computer paint program and they are NOT, repeat NOT, photographs taken by anyone else! A few years back I had an email from a west coast photograher who had taken photos of Elvira and some of my drawings were based on his photos. But instead of asking for credit, he rant and raved about my stealing his images and rather than fight over it since I wasn't sure how far copyright goes for reproductions of his original images, I took the pictures off my site and put up an explaination as to why my pictures were gone. I guess he didn't like my writing about him because one day my site just disappeared off Yahoo-Geocities without any warning. They sent me an email saying my site was taken down for copyright infringement even though there was nothing on the site except text and links to other Elvira sites that were not deleted, hmmm. Any ways rather than fight with the a--hole photographer I decide to let it go. BUT I am now putting the site back up but this time with my own original drawings based on nothing but my imagination. I give Cassandra Peterson credit for her trademark on the Elvira character and I have always had the hots for her. I originally put my drawings on the web as a tribute to her. I was NOT asking for any money or selling my pictures, and I knew people would probably copy my pictures off my site but I didn't really care, I wanted to share my images with other die hard Elvira fans. Anyways this new site is a start on getting my tribute back up to the Mistress of the Dark. I will put more drawings up as I create more, so check back.

If you continue past this page you accept the fact that my images were created by myself and since my drawings are free, and are being used to promote knowledge of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and the type of material she is famous for, this constitutes fair use under United States Copyright Law.

NEW! A recent lower court decision and upheld by higher courts states that thumbnails or representations of original photos/artworks posted on a website not owned by, or controlled by, the holder of the copyright of the original works does not violate copyright as long as the original photo/artwork is not posted or linked to from that website, but it may contain the representations. Which means my original drawings would be now legal!

Thank you, R.J. Moats.

To visit my resurected website click on the picture of Elvira at the top of this page

"Elvira" & "Mistress of the Dark" are the trademarks of Queen "B" Productions. Elvira Fan Club information: 14755 Ventura Blvd., #1-710, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.


The webring banner below (now removed) was from when I was ringmaster of the Elvira Webring, but even after the main webring got rid of Yahoo they still are dipwads. I recently somehow lost control over the Elvira webring I created and maintained for over 8 years. Someone else jumped on it and took control. I don't care anymore, I'm fed up with the webring and people who hover like vultures and pick the bones of other's hard work. If you want to join the Elvira webring that's up to you. I'm going to be removing this site from the ring after a while, I want others to read this first, thanks. (the above was added 12-18-05)

UPDATE!! As of March 2, 2006, this site was suspended by the Elvira Webring with no explaination. I don't care but if you'd like to, you can join the Elvira Mistress of the Dark Net Ring. The details about the ring will be posted here shortly, watch for it! If you'd like to join now, click the "join" link in the ring banner above! Thanks.

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