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Welcome to my tiny tribute to that Black-clad Babe of the night!

This site was originally created October 13, 1997.

There have been Thousands of Elvira Fans to enter here when this site was on Geocities!


Around my computer desk are numerous Elvira items like a full-sized beer company cardboard stand-up of her, a 12" tall clay sculpture of her that I'm working on and calendars on the wall that I can admire. On my computer, (the great "Amiga" now owned by Gateway 2000), I have a few Elvira backdrops that I personally created on Amiga's DeluxePaint program, all of which are presented here on my website for you to enjoy, or download and maybe use on your PeeCee screen, or to use on your website, as long as you give me credit for the pictures! DO NOT alter them and claim that they're yours or I'll send you a virus. They are based on Elvira poses from various sources and more to come! Enjoy! (I would like to know where my images are going or end up so Email me and let me know, thanks). When I add new pics to the site I will send out an update to those people who have joined the Elvira Email Update Listbot which can be found below (just above the Elvira Web Ring Box), sign up and never miss a new feature!

If you'd like to see a screenshot of my DeluxePaint program with my newest Elvira picture in the process of being drawn then CLICK HERE!

If you'd like to see what my Amiga computer screen looks like with Elvira on it then CLICK HERE! My Amiga workbench is at 640 by 700 resolution and the colorful box at the bottom is DirWorks, a directory utility I customized to handle directories, files and pics. Those boxes floating around Elvira are a few of the pop-up buttonmenu panels I use to start programs.

Click thumbnail to see the full view:

NOTICE! these links may not all work yet till I get more drawings up, sorry.

[Dagger] [Pumpkins] [Reclining] [1st Picture]
[Tattoo] [smile] [coffin] [Whip]

Click Here for my own Stereo 3D images of Elvira!


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The text below was from when I was ringmaster of the Elvira webring, but even after the main webring got rid of Yahoo they still are dipwads. I recently somehow lost control over the Elvira webring I created and maintained for over 8 years. Someone else jumped on it and took control. I don't care anymore, I'm fed up with the webring and people who hover like vultures and pick the bones of other's hard work. If you want to join the Elvira webring that's up to you. I'm going to be removing this site from the ring after a while, I want others to read this first, thanks. (added 12-18-05)

Bob and Magic1 Productions created the Elvira Web Ring,
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Check out this ScreenSaver created by JRsoftBEAR using one of my pictures! Thanks John!

Screensaver download


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