Crystal Prison of Kyr

Written By Bob Moats

Chapter Ten


"What do you mean I missed it!!" moaned Cheek as he was coming out of his unconscious state. He was dazed but all right which made everyone happy. "I can't believe that I came all this way, plotting and worrying to have missed the best part of it all!"

"Sorry Cheek, but when Canter threw us, you were knocked out," laughed Justin at his friend's misfortune. "I'm just glad that you are all right."

"I can't believe it!" the mouse moaned.

"Don't worry my little friend, I'll have Fog show you everything that happened," comforted Mandara. "Safely in my cavern."

"It won't be the same." grumbled Cheek.

The group was gathered around the tiny mouse laying on a rock. Justin got up and went to Mandara wanting to know many unanswered questions.

"Justin, my young savior, I thank you from the bottom of my ancient heart for delivering me here safely to my brother. You will go down in history for this." The magician hugged the boy and then let him loose turning back to Cheek. "Master Cheek, I'm sorry you missed the battle, but I also want to thank you for helping me. Your mother will be proud of you."

"Mandara, why didn't you tell me that you were coming along, and why as a mouse?" inquired Justin.

"Justin, if you had known that I was with you, we would have never have gotten this far. Is was the element of surprise that I needed. Since Kyr would focus his attention on the leader of the group, Kyr would have sensed in your mind that I was here and would have destroyed me before I could get to him with what powers he had available. As for my form as a mouse, I could never have gotten here as a human. It was part of my safeguard spell so that I would never weaken and decide to let my brother loose. The spell prevented any human with knowledge of of this land from coming here and living to get to Kyr. I would have been destroyed as a human when I entered this cavern by the energy in the pyramid. So I figured that if I weren't human that I might get here safely as a mouse."

"Might get here? You weren't sure?" asked Garth.

"I didn't really know how well I had cast the spell. I never said that animals couldn't enter the land, so I tried it as Kigamsti the mouse. It worked."

"If you had all the intentions of coming here and destroying your brother, what was my purpose in being here?" wondered Justin thinking that he was now nothing more than a delivery boy.

"Justin don't belittle your importance on the quest. Even though I was with you, I could do absolutely nothing to help or else give myself away. I put all my faith in you to get us here safely, and you didn't disappoint me. Edan chose well when he recommended you and I'm glad for it. You are a hero and have battled Kyr well. I just came along to finish it for good."

The words comforted Justin and he felt better. Kara leaned over and kissed his cheek and said that he was her hero also.

"Mandara, what was Kara's part in all of this?" asked Pectin, now feeling better and wondering where the knife wound had gone to.

"Ah yes, Kara," The magician went to her. "You, my young lady, were a very important part of the ordeal. I knew that Kyr could not harm you and if I succeeded in destroying my brother, I would lose most of my powers and if any of our group was hurt or killed that you would be the only one to save them. If Kyr had killed me, then Justin would have needed you to imprison him again "

Kara looked puzzled, "What makes me so special to be able to do what you couldn't?"

"Kara, you are the many times removed great-grand daughter of Kyr. As his decendant he could not harm you, but when he hit you with his magic powers it energized a latent power within you, one that you inherited from Kyr. He was evil but you had the good he didn't, the good to save lives instead of taking them. The power you have will be mostly gone when my time comes to die. We now are the last of the good magicians, so we must do what we can to make our world right."

Justin realized now why Kara had been treated differently in her village. They had been protecting her for this day.

Mandara continued, "Kara, your mother had come here with Edan on his journey here to prevent Kyr from freeing himself. Edan is your father, and although your mother and Edan have wanted to be with you they were not allowed to until you had faced Kyr. You were not allowed to know any of what would happen, that is why you were sheltered and protected by Mr. Symms. Your mother and father are anxiously awaiting your safe return in Freland."

Kara could not believe what she was hearing and relieved that she now had an identity and a place in life. Tears were coming to her eyes and she hugged Mandara. She turned to Justin and embraced him tightly. Justin looked to Mandara and smiled.

"Do we have to go back through all your traps to get home or is your spell broken?" hoped Justin.

"No Justin, the spell is now broken and the traps are now history but we will get home safely and quickly. Kara and I together have enough power to send us all back home," smiled the magician. He turned to Garth and said, "My big brave friend, you may join us in Freland as our most welcome guest or you may return to your home. The choice is yours."

"Well, I think I will go home first and do a little bragging about my adventure, but if I'm welcome, I may join all of you at another time," laughed Garth.

"Of course, my friend, come to stay anytime." smiled Mandara. "Mandara, what about the pyramid and Kyr?" asked Justin.

Mandara looked sadly toward the crystal monolith. "I will leave it here as a monument to the waste of life and energy that I and my world have suffered all these years, and as a memorial to my brother, who I will bury back into it. May he finally rest forever." Mandara took Kara's hand and then raised his free hand, speaking a strange language, waved toward the lifeless body and with that Kyr's body floated up to the appex of the pyramid and down into it. The point of the pyramid reformed sealing off the world from Kyr forever.

"Now I wish to depart this desolate place, so if everyone is ready we will go."

Mandara called everyone together and still holding Kara's hand, he raised his and spoke some words. The group was enveloped in a bright yellow light and vanished forever from the cold, silent Northland.



Mandara and Pectin toured the world performing magic and making people happy. Garth was a hero in his land and was elected Elder. Cheek brought his mother to Freland where they lived with Justin. Justin continued his studies in agriculture and married Kara, and they hope to start an intensive gardening project to better feed the world. For it is now a better and safer place to raise their children.

The End.


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